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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Landlords/Owners


What are the requirements for my unit to be rented to a Voucher family?

Your unit must meet HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS); the rent must be reasonable and must fall within the fair market rent guidelines set by HUD.

How Much Rent Can I Charge?

In all cases, the rent must be comparable to units in the area that are not subsidized by the Housing Choice Voucher program. HOC will review the rent you are requesting for what is termed "rent reasonableness". If the rent is reasonable and falls within the fair market rent guidelines set by HUD, we will process the rent you request.

How Long Can I Rent to an HCV Family?

After the first year, your lease can be renewed on a month-to-month basis. Provided that there is continued funding of the Housing Choice Voucher program, families can remain on the program for as long as the subsidy is needed, and as long as they are in compliance with the obligations of the program.

To date, a family has never been terminated due to a lack of program funding.

Who is responsible for screening the tenants?

It is the owner's responsibility to screen all tenants, whether they are Housing Choice Voucher participants or not. You should ask about their payment history for rent and utilities, their housekeeping and maintenance skills, any drug-related criminal activity or other criminal activity, and prior compliance with other essential conditions of tenancy.

What kind of information can HOC provide to owners about the tenant?

HOC can provide, if available, information about the tenant's current address, current landlord, prior landlords, and whether or not the family owes money to a housing authority.

What are my responsibilities under the HCV program?

See Landlord Responsibilities, Tenant Responsibilities, and HOC Responsibilities.

Does HOC pay the security deposit?

No. It is up to the landlord to collect the security deposit from the family. Two months rent is the maximum that can be charged as a security deposit.

Does HOC cover tenant damages?

Just as with a market rental, the landlord collects damages from the tenant from the security deposit.

What happens if a tenant skips out and does not pay the rent?

If a tenant breaks the contract and skips out, HOC will give the landlord 30 days notice that the rent will no longer be paid on behalf of the ex-tenant.