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Housing Choice Voucher Unit Inspection

About the Unit Inspection and HQS


Housing Quality Standards (HQS) are established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to guarantee a basic level of health and safety for all units leased under the Housing Choice Voucher and Moderate Rehabilitation programs.
The inspector's primary concern is that the unit is decent, safe and sanitary. The inspector will walk through each room and verify that smoke alarms work, toilets flush and appliances are functioning. Heating and air conditioning systems are checked along with electrical outlets. The inspector will verify the number of bedrooms, and inspect the unit for rent reasonableness, assessing unit size, age of property, location and  the condition of amenities. Any safety hazards are noted along with defects or deterioration such as peeling paint.

HUD has developed a booklet titled " A Good Place to Live" to help landlords and tenants understand HUD’s standards. It is provided here in PDF format, which requires a PDF reader.
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HUD ha desarrollado un folleto titulado " Un buen lugar para vivir" para ayudar a los propietarios e inquilinos comprender las normas de HUD. El está aquí en formato PDF, que requiere un lector de PDF. (Obtener Adobe Reader )  
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