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Housing Choice Voucher Where You Live

Use a Housing Choice Voucher In the Unit Where You Live Today and...
  • Save on moving expenses!

  • Improve your credit!

  • Take your time/plan to move at your convenience!

  • Keep your children in their current schools!

How Do I Get started?
  • Talk to your landlord about the program

  • Both you and your landlord will be asked to complete a Request for Tenancy Approval(RFTA) Form.

  • The contract may be added to your current lease or your landlord may enter a new lease.

What Happens Next?
  • HOC determines that your unit meets HUD guidelines

  • HOC inspects your unit for Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

  • HOC creates a Housing Assistance Payment contract with the owner

  • HOC pays the subsidy portion of the rent within 60 days and always on time.

If you think you may benefit from leasing in place under the HCV program
or if the owner has questions you cannot answer, call your housing specialist.