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Public Housing HOC Responsibilities

HOC Responsibilities in the Public Housing Program:

  • Process applications from the waiting list and screen all families to make sure they will be good residents.
  • Fairly screen and approve all written requests to add people to the lease.
  • Fairly determine the rent and utility allowance for the unit.
  • Annually inspect the home to make sure it is in safe and sound condition.
  • Keep common areas such as playgrounds, parking lots and open spaces in good condition if the development is owned by HOC.
  • Make all necessary repairs and makes sure all electricity and plumbing are in good condition.
  • Provide written explanations for damages charged to residents.
  • Obey all fair housing and equal opportunity laws.
  • Review all information about the occupant family each year and set the rent.
  • Enforce the lease and takes action to evict families who do not obey the lease.
  • Obey the laws applying to security deposit refund.
  • Refund the security deposit and only withholds damage charges.