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Public Housing Resident Responsibilities

Resident Responsibilities in the Public Housing Program:

  • Only people whose names are on the lease are allowed to live in the unit. Permission must be obtained to allow anyone else to move in.

  • Residents must pay their rent on the first day of the month. A late fee will be charged if HOC receives the rent after the tenth (10th) day of the month.

  • Pay your utility bills on time.

  • Give HOC true information concerning family and income. Each year, residents will have a recertification appointment with HOC to update this information.

  • Residents must take care of their home inside and outside. Residents must report any damages right away.

  • Residents and guests must not get involved in drugs, crime or violence.

  • Leases must be obeyed.

  • HOC must be notified in writing if: 1)residents are away from home for more than two weeks; 2) any family member moves out of the home; 3) another child is born; or 4) any household income changes occur.

  • HOC must receive 30 days written notice if residents plan to move. Homes must be left in good and clean condition.

  • If residents live in a community with a Home Owners Association, all Home Owner Association rules must also be followed