In April, 16 HOC Academy youth participated in an over-night field trip to the City University of New York’s (CUNY) Advance Science Research Center (ASRC).  The group arrived in Harlem on Sunday, April 23rd, where they dined at the famous Amy Ruth’s Restaurant and took a walking tour of several cultural sites, including the famed Apollo Theater.

On Monday, April 24th, the group of scholars toured the new ASRC and received a private presentation on Nanoscience.  After the lecture, they participated in the “Science of Gels Experiment”.  Through experimentation, students learned about peptide bond formation.  They observed the reaction between two amino acids in the presence of an enzyme called Thermolysin.  When the experiment was complete, the 16 scholars marveled over what they had produced—gel!

The CUNY visit included a delicious lunch followed by tours of the historic campus and its laboratories.  For many of the young scholars, it was their first visit to New York.   HOC’s first CUNY ASRC Field Trip helped foster new friendships and new interests in science. Transportation was provided through a grant from Housing Opportunities Community Partners.