The Tony S. Davis Memorial Scholarship supports students who have achieved academic excellence throughout their educational careers. This includes student exemplifying leadership through involvement in extracurricular activities, completion of Student Service Learning hours, and other accomplishments. Winning applicants will receive a monetary scholarship to apply toward tuition and other expenses.


  • A graduating high school senior planning to attend a college or university in Fall 2021, and
  • You and your parent and/or guardian(s) are a current HOC customer


All required documents and required one-page essays must be submitted as a single PDF document.

The required one-page essays should be typed using a size-11 font in either Calibri or Times New Roman and demonstrate high school senior-level writing and composition skills.

To review the required documents for the Tony S. Davis Memorial Scholarship application, see below.

Required Documents

To apply, applicants must submit, in the same PDF file as the required one-page essays, scanned copies of the following documents:

  1. Two letters of recommendation (academic, personal and/or professional).

  2. Official high school transcripts.

  3. Letter of acceptance from a college or university for Fall 2021.

  4. A list of the extracurricular activities participated in during high school.

Required One-Page Essays

It is important for the next generation of leaders to think critically about issues that directly affect their community, as well as global problems affecting our world. 

Choose two (2) topics from the selection below and write a one-page essay for each chosen question (total of two-pages for both essays).

  1. Tell us about your background and describe areas in your life where you demonstrated leadership and overcame obstacles either through school, social or family life.
  2. What or Who do you credit for your educational successes and why?
  3. At HOC, we are committed to advancing race, equity and inclusion in the world. How do you think these goals can be achieved on a local and global scale?
  4. What have been the greatest effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on American life? What lessons can be learned to improve our world in a post COVID-19 era.
  5. Discuss a time which you failed at something and what you learned from it.
  6. How has technology impacted student learning?
  7. How will you impact the world?

Instructions to submit materials 

Following are steps on how to complete your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

1) Applicants must combine all required documents, including essays, into a single PDF document for submission.
2) Applicants should use their first and last name as the file name of the PDF document
3. Email PDF file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using your T Code (e.g., T0012345) or lease number as the subject line

Ready to Apply? 

Apply on or before April 23, 2021 by submitting your application for the Tony S. Davis Memorial Scholarship here:



For more information, contact the Tony Davis Memorial Scholarship committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.