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Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

3 Tia Blount

Tia Blount, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications joined HOC on November 14, 2022. The office of Public Affairs And Communications (PAC) is responsible for developing, implementing, and conducting a comprehensive program for internal and external communications for all aspects of HOC's programs, plans, and initiatives, ensuring that the communication are at the highest level of impact and professionalism and that the HOC brand aligns with its mission and strategic objectives. The PAC Director will coordinate responses to requests for information and disseminate information to the media, residents and the public. Additionally, internal publications, website and social media management, production of events, posters, and audio-visual presentations will be coordinated through this department.
Ms. Blount has more than 20 years of experience in integrated marketing and communications, branding, social and traditional media, resource and project management as well as fundraising.  She has led local, national and international campaigns and programs around HIV/AIDS, malaria, real estate and community development, occupational therapy and a range of other important issues.  These initiatives have benefited from her strong leadership, strategic direction and overall project, resource and budget management skills. 

Ms. Blount previously served as both Chief of Strategy and Vice President of External Relations for the Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC).  Prior to joining CPDC in 2012, She spent nearly 10 years working for two large NGOs committed to developing life-saving vaccines and drugs to fight malaria and HIV: the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and the International Partnership for Microbicides, respectively.  During her career in global health, Ms. Blount built communication capacity across dozens of clinical research centers throughout Africa and has worked to raise the profile of malaria vaccines and HIV microbicides across the United States, Europe and Africa.
Ms. Blount is a passionate and compelling speaker, trainer and no-nonsense budgeting coach with more than 14 years of experience developing and leading training programs; facilitating large group discussions and presenting at major meetings and conferences all across the U.S., Europe and Africa. 
Ms. Blount holds a Master of Arts in Public Communication from American University and a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Florida A & M University.