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For Our Lenders

Only lenders approved by HOC are allowed to participate in the HOC Mortgage Purchase Program. Once approved, lenders remain in the program. Lender applications are submitted to the Commission for approval. The Commission meets once a month. The necessary paperwork can be found below at How to become a Participating Lender. 

HOC does not charge a fee for lender participation. Lenders do not receive allocations of funds. Lenders are not restricted to any fixed amount of origination.

HOC is doing business in the MBS market. The loans being originated for MBS are purchased by U.S. Bank as HOC’s master servicer. HOC is underwriting for compliance. The lender is underwriting for credit.

Lenders can refer to the HOC training and U.S. Bank powerpoints which are accessible below. Approved lenders cannot begin to originate loans until they have received training.

HOC has arranged with an outside firm, eHousingPlus, to manage the loan reservations in the Mortgage Purchase Program.