The Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County (HOC) was established in 1974 to better respond to the County’s need for affordable housing. HOC is authorized to acquire, own, lease, and operate housing; to provide for the construction or renovation of housing; obtain financial assistance from any public or private source to assist its housing activities; and arrange for social services, resident services and day care.

HOC has creatively responded to the changes that affect the production of affordable housing. As federal subsidies for affordable housing were slashed, HOC sought and found other ways to produce housing that is affordable in the County.  Because of this, HOC is considered a national leader in developing affordable housing.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Housing Opportunities Commission is to provide affordable housing and supportive services that enhance the lives of low- and moderate-income families and individuals throughout Montgomery County, Maryland so that:
  • No one in Montgomery County is living in substandard housing;
  • We strengthen families and communities as good neighbors;
  • We establish an efficient and productive environment that fosters trust, open communication and mutual respect;
  • We work with advocates and providers to maintain support for all the work of the Commission.

To achieve this mission, HOC operates as an affordable housing agency, a housing finance agency and a housing developer.

The Montgomery County government provides funding for the Commission to manage the following service programs:

  • Affordable Housing Development: acquires Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDUs) for rental to lower-income families;
  • Public Housing Management: maintains community norms and relationships between homeowner associations and public housing residents;
  • Services to Residents in Assisted Housing: provides counseling and support services to low-income individuals and families in assisted housing; and
  • Housing Resource Service: provides up-to-date information on available housing programs.


Executive Staff

Chelsea J. Andrews         Executive Director Bonnie Hodge  Chief Ombudsman Officer

Kayrine V. Brown            
Deputy Executive Director

Matt Husman             

Chief Logistics & Facilities Officer 
Tia Blount               
Director of Public Affairs & Communications

Zachary Marks

Chief Real Estate Officer

John Broullire  Director of Risk Management Patrick Mattingly   Director of Human Resources

Richard Congo                 

Interim Chief Technology Officer

Aisha Memon

General Counsel
Darcel Cox   
Chief Compliance Officer
Ken Silverman  
Director of Government & Legislative Affairs 

Steven Firth             

Acting Chief Maintenance Officer

Monte Stanford       

Director of Mortgage Finance
Timothy Goetzinger Chief Development Funds Officer/
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Fred Swan Director of Resident Services

Ellen Goff Acting Director of Property Management John Wilhoit Director of Asset Management

Lynn Hayes
Director of Housing Resources