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HOC Homeownership Programs for HOC Residents

General Information
An HOC resident is any person who:
  1. Lives in a property which is owned or managed by HOC; or
  2. receives rental assistance from HOC.


HOC helps prepare residents to move from rental to homeownership. Residents must have an annual income of $40,000 or higher to be eligible to participate in this initiative. This income level does not guarantee a mortgage or a home to purchase. Residents may choose to purchase a moderate priced dwelling unit(MPDU) from HOC through its random selection process in either program described below or locate a home independently.
For residents only, HOC uses a short application to provide preliminary information for HOC staff to evaluate. Residents who are interested in purchasing through HOC must complete the application and return it along with all required documentation listed on the application cover sheet. This is not a mortgage loan application. It is a tool designed to determine a resident’s preparedness for purchasing. 

Application for HOC/HOP participation ( this is not the housing choice voucher waiting list application)

HOC conducts first time homebuyer workshops throughout the year for interested residents. Residents must attend only one workshop every two years but are encouraged to attend refresher workshops. Each workshop is a 5-hour virtual session and covers the home buying process, mortgage financing options, budgeting, the credit report, loan approval. HOC sends notices to eligible residents when these workshops are scheduled. Space is limited and residents must register to attend a workshop.
Programs for Residents
  • HOC/HOP (HOC Homeownership Program)

HOC purchases MPDUs from time to time and sells them to HOC residents through the HOC/HOP. To be eligible to purchase an MPDU from the Commission, residents must have attended a workshop and be selected through a random selection process when an MPDU is ready for sale. HOC residents submit an application for participation in the HOC/HOP.

  • Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership (HCVH)

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program

This is a program created by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which allows qualified renters having a housing choice voucher (formerly known as Section 8) to use the voucher for a mortgage payment rather than rent.

If you have been in the FSS(Family Self-Sufficiency Program) for 2 years or more and have an income of $40,000 and above, you may be eligible to participate if you are one of the randomly selected families chosen by HOC. Contact FSS @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 240-627-9781.